Within the farm, you’ll find the Maremma a Cavalo riding school, primarily a Maremman horse breeding centre, but also an equestrian school with horse riding lessons, horseback riding excursions, box paddock for horse boarding, equipment for training horses, stud farm and foal sales.

The equestrian centre, run by equestrian tour guide Fabrizio, organises several-day-long trails on determined dates throughout the year.

Our horses are bred in the semi-wild for up to three years and then begin training. Our main objective is to understand their talents. In fact, we begin with free jumping stages and then continue jumping with the horses that have demonstrated a skill for it. The others are assigned to the equestrian tourism we undertake at the farm.


* Riding lessons for beginners

* Excursions from 1 hour to several hours

* Trekking for experts from one day to several days